Ana Flávia Nery

“I consider the ECLIPSE project to be a turning point in my life and I feel honored to be part of this wonderful team. 

I was born in a city in the interior of southern Bahia and I feel connected with the rural communities they rescued, rescuing all the emotions and intellectuals that brought me back to popular traditions and riches.

I graduated in Social Communication, with an MBA in Marketing and a Master’s in Communication. I’ve always been interested in communication and culture, researching themes that pervade gender relations, communication, media impact and analysis of reception.

He has been working for over 8 years in the areas of Institutional Communication, Photography and Digital Marketing. I have already gone through several academic works in the area of communication at the State University of Santa Cruz and State University of Rio de Janeiro and Federal University of Bahia.

In the ECLIPSE project I work as a Research Assistant in Community Education and Communication. I am responsible for publicizing ECLIPSE in the media, promoting communication and health actions in communities and recording trips and events linked to the project.