Giselle Ferraz

I am Brazilian and I am from the warmer state of Bahia. I was born in a small town called Bela Flor, which means “beautiful flower”. I had to leave my family to come to Salvador, the capital of this state, to begin my studies at the Federal University of Bahia. I have always been interested in the areas of Modern Language and also in Administration. I found a course that I could study both subjects in one, so I decide to study for a Bachelor in Executive Secretariat.  

I enjoyed the time I spent in this university. I used to live in Federal University of Bahia housing with a lot of students from many parts of Bahia and others states. It was a great experience. I formed a big and diverse family while there. Months before I finished my studies, I was invited to be a Research Assistant for a physicist and historian whose research focused on the history of science. After this work, I realized how gratifying it was to support research, no matter the area of ​​expertise.  

My time as a research assistant was almost over, so I decided to experience a cultural exchange in the USA. I spent two years over there and it was, once again, a great opportunity to learn and know more about different cultures.   

I am currently a student in Archival Science and I am also finishing a specialization in Project Management. I am so thankful for being part of this big and diverse ECLIPSE family. I am pretty sure the Giselle entering here will not be same when this project is officially “over”. A transcontinental, important and beautiful project like this is memorable. Forever ECLIPSE!