Marciglei Brito Morais

I am a nurse and historian. With about fourteen years of experience as a teacher, I have robust experience in basic education in public and private institutions, involving different population profiles. My work with rural population teachers and social educators of children and adolescents in situations of social vulnerability, were very significant on both a professional and personal level. Freir’s principles of liberating education and the pedagogy of autonomy underpinned this work.

I work with the objective of establishing points of intersection between my academic, education and health training. The area of ​​social sciences and humanities in health are areas of interest for both teaching and research. As a teacher in higher education, I had the opportunity to teach courses in nursing, nutrition, pharmacy, psychology, biological sciences, biotechnology and medicine. All disciplines taught had an interdisciplinary character, reinforcing the need for the integration of knowledge and practices.

As part of the ECLIPSE team, I will have the opportunity to deepen studies on vulnerable populations in a more applied, intercultural and interdisciplinary perspective. As object of study, we will develop the doctoral research entitled “Cutaneous leishmaniasis among quilombola communities in ECLIPSE territories: mapping vulnerabilities and care itineraries” in order to analyze the social impact of this condition in quilombola communities in an endemic region of Bahia, where vulnerabilities and health itineraries will be considered in light of decolonial thinking.