Molly Lambourn

I am a Fine Artist from Canterbury and Research Administrator for the ECLIPSE Programme. I studied my undergraduate degree in History at the University of Warwick where I focused on telling the stories of women from the Nineteenth Century to the present day through cultural resources. Key topics included exploring the cultural history of the NHS, Sexuality in Victorian Britain and exploring cultural depictions of women in 1970s American sitcoms. During my degree I held a scholarship with Lloyds Bank which led me to working my summers breaks at the Bank’s headquarters in Bristol and Edinburgh. I returned to my third year at Warwick with a determination to try new experiences, I applied for business funding for my art, for a teaching trip to India and I also applied to complete my master’s in Fine Art. I had a brilliant final year, achieving all three. It was a true pleasure to live in India on a farm during my last summer after University, I taught English and inspired creative learning methods for extra lessons to children in rural villages in the community.

I then returned to the UK and completed my master’s in Fine Art, fully introducing myself to the world of professional art and I immersed myself in many different opportunities. During that time and since graduating in October 2021 I have worked with the Royal Scottish Academy, Turner Contemporary, Royal British Society of Artists and worked on multiple artist residencies including one with Jane Austen’s House Museum.  I have shown internationally in Sweden, New Zealand and Austria.

My artistic practice specialises in drawing, I draw obsessively on 2D and 3D forms. My practice is inspired by literature and explores themes of womanhood, self, and the domestic. My work is decadently intricate and detailed, subverting conventional images of beauty and femininity to explore darker realities.

I was delighted to join the ECLIPSE programme because of its clear dedication to working with researchers and artists to document stories about health and the way that it impacts individuals.

My role has involved supporting day to day administration and communication within the ECLIPSE family, updating the ECLIPSE website, writing the ECLIPSE newsletter and supporting upcoming publications.

I also manage the administration for a project called ‘Connecting pensions, health and care‘ with Dr Olena Nizalova for the Nuffield Foundation.