Subhasha Liyanage

Mr. Subhash Liyanage is a TV producer and program head of several major TV channels in Sri Lanka and currently working as the Head of Programs, Media and Special Projects Bureau at the Sri Daladamaligaya. Sri Daladamaligaya is the temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic of Gautama Buddha is enshrined and named as a world heritage by UNESCO in 1988.

He is amongst the handful of artist from the last generation of traditionally trained artists on one of the oldest and most powerful folk drama (Kolam) in Sri Lanka and they are making a huge effort to preserve folk dancing and its rituals for the next generations. He is performing “Kolam” for over 30 years as a performer and studied Performing Arts under Sri Lankan Veteran Artist Mr. Premasiri Khemadasa. He is an experienced artist with a huge knowledge on Performing arts.